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England is a small, compact country that offers more for tourists than almost any other country in the world. It has an incredible historical heritage that is preserved and protected; countless festivals, royal pomp and ceremony, and numerous visitor attractions ranging from theme parks through to beautiful gardens.

The cities such as London, Bath and York offer a huge number of places to visit - many such as museums and art galleries have free entry.

The falling value of the pound has made England a real value for money destination for people from countries with a stronger currency, such as the Eurozone. For many tourists, shopping expeditions to England are very worthwhile, stock up on bargains to take home.

There is a wide variety of accommodation on offer from the usual hotels, to Bed & Breakfast and self-catering holiday cottage accommodation. Holiday cottages are ideal for stays of a week or more. They provide a comfortable home from home and are especially suited to families with children or groups of people.

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The only thing that cannot be guaranteed in England is sunshine and heat, but you may be fortunate enough to experience warm sunny days from May to September. The weather in England really is not as bad as many foreigners imagine. It remains a very green and pleasant land - a truly beautiful country to visit. There are also a few surprises. England has a rich and plentiful wildlife compared to many other European countries and one of the best for bird watching.

Which part of England would you like to visit on holiday?

You may have some idea about the area of England that you would like to visit and a list of places to see but perhaps there may be another region of England that you would enjoy exploring. Each part of England has its own character, scenery and regional foods and accents. Take a look at our quick guide to the regions of England to help you consider where you would really like to go in England.

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