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holidays in England

About Holidays in London, England

The place of main interest to foreign visitors is London, that great sprawling metropolis which has more to see than is possible in one holiday. The River Thames runs through London and one good way to get an overview of London and its attractions is to take a boat trip along the Thames. A large percentage of England's population is centred around London and the south east of England.


There are endless places of interest in London


Free places to visit:

  • The Museums, Natural History, Science British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Art Galleries. Special Exhibitions cost extra.
  • Parks in London
  • Historical Monuments and places such as Trafalgar Square
  • China Town
  • Covent Garden with free entertainment


Much of London can be viewed from the outside, it is not essential to go into famous buildings. Visit the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Parliament and Big Ben at Westminster, Courts of Justice, Canary Wharf and the O2.

Recommended places to visit where there is an entrance fee:

  • The Tower of London
  • London Zoo


Not worth the money

  • London Eye - there are superb views for free from the Oxo Building along from the Embankment or by climbing the Monument to the Fire of London (small entry fee).

London - day trips possible from East Anglia

The county Essex in East Anglia joins east London and there are excellent train connections from east Anglia into London.


... holidays in East Anglia