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holidays in England

Coastal cottage holidays in England


As an island nation, England has a long wonderful coastline that features not only beaches but also cliffs, harbours, ports and numerous seaside towns that remain popular for summer holidays.

The nature of the cliffs and beaches varies around the coast. Dover is famous for white chalky cliffs, granite cliffs are the order of the day in Cornwall in south west England. Beaches can be sandy, pebbles or mixed. The big seaside resorts see a huge influx of people on hot days and many seaside locations are good for family beach holidays in England.

The Isle of Wight just off the south coast near Southampton is a holiday isle with numerous good beaches that are perfect for sand castles. There is a host of activities for holidaymakers and places to visit which all help make for an interesting holiday.

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Which coastal part of England would you like to visit for a seaside holiday?

Where to spend a week or two at the seaside in England much depends on the type of holiday that you would like. The big seaside resorts such as Brighton, Skegness, Blackpool Southend on Sea, Ramsgate, Great Yarmouth and Minehead all offer beaches and a host of entertainment in the form of funfairs, amusement arcades, plenty of eateries, theatres and casinos.

For people who prefer their coastal breaks to be peaceful with little to distract there are lovely seaside towns such as Southwold in Suffolk, Whitby in north east Yorkshire, Seaford on the Sussex coast and a whole array around the coast running from Dorset through to Cornwall.

Sailing is a traditional English pastime on all coasts. There are marinas in just about every coastal county. Surfing tends to be mainly in the south west, especially the Cornish Atlantic coast which experiences big waves.


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