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Afternoon tea in England with scones and cakes
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Eating Out in England

Food in England has absorbed influences and flavours from around the world as people have travelled and immigrants settled in Britain. Most areas have Indian, Italian, Chinese and Thai restaurants in addition to pubs which might serve more traditional English meals. Other less common foreign restaurants are Greek, Turkish, Polish, French, Spanish and others.

Examples of Traditional English food:


  • Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding accompanied by roast potatoes and parsnips, cooked vegetable and gravy. Horseradish sauce may also be served with the beef.
  • Other roasts may be chicken, pork with apple sauce, lamb with mint sauce, gammon and occasionally duck with orange sauce.
  • Shepherd's Pie - a layer of stewed minced beef and vegetables covered by mashed potato and roasted.
  • Steak pie or chicken and mushroom pie- a pastry case filled with stewed meat, served with mashed potatoes or chips, vegetables and gravy
  • Sausage, mash (mashed potato) and peas
  • Steak and chips, perhaps with salad. The usual cuts of steak in England are rump or sirloin. Fillet steak is generally restricted to high class restaurants.
  • Fish and chips - often served in pubs but also sold as a takeaway at fish and chip shops. The choice of fish is usually cod, place, skate or rock. Mushy peas may be an optional accompaniment.

Types of places to eat in England

There is a wide range of places to eat in England. The cheapest are fast-food restaurants such as Macdonalds, Burger King, KFC or Pizza Hut.

Next are cafes and pubs which can offer good home-cooked meals at good value prices.


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