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An outdoor market in Northampton England
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holidays in England

Food and drink in England

If you are buying food at the supermarket for a self-catering holiday, you will find that most supermarkets stock a wide range of foods. There will inevitably be those that you cannot buy back home and the bakery products and meats are likely to be quite different. Prices of processed food are very similar throughout Europe. Fresh food may be more expensive and of a lower quality in that fruit may not be naturally ripened.

Depending on where you live, you may find the selection of processed food far greater than in your own country. It is possible to buy prepared frozen meals and never do anything than put them in the microwave or oven which can make self-catering on holiday in England simple and virtually labour free.

  • Some supermarkets use trolleys that require a pound coin to release them for use.
  • Many supermarkets have stopped providing carrier bags for free so do bring your own or purchase a bag for life.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere in England.
  • Outdoor markets sell fresh produce and other goods in the larger English towns


Eating out in England

Food in England has gathered influences and flavours from around the world as people have travelled and immigrants settled in Britain. Most areas have Indian, Italian, Chinese and Thai restaurants in addition to pubs which might serve more traditional English meals. Other less common foreign restaurants are Greek, Turkish, Polish, French, Spanish and others.

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