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Holidays in England and arriving at a Bus Station
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Arriving at a bus station for your holiday in England


A bus journey is one of the most uncomfortable journeys you can undertake if you are travelling a long distance because it is impossible to lie down and sleep. It is likely that you will arrive at your destination exhausted and possibly irritable.


You will then need to undertake another journey to get to your holiday destination in England.


Your life will be some much easier if you know how to get to your destination or already have travel tickets. It all comes down to good preparation and knowing where to get those tickets. Train tickets can be paid for by credit card or cash. You will need to ensure that your either have sufficient British money or that your credit card is accepted in England.


It’s a good idea to have a credit card for English in case of emergencies.


Always have a backup plan should things go wrong, for example, you miss your travel connections, there are strikes etc. The web can be useful in keeping you up-to-date with the latest travel news.


At a bus station you will find:


  • A ticket and information office
  • A place for refreshments
  • Free toilets


It is unlikely that the staff at a bus station will speak any other language other than English so do have your destination written down just in case you cannot make yourself understood.

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