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holidays in England

Holidays in the Lake District of England


The Lake District lies in the north west of England in the county of Cumbria, right up to the border of Scotland. It’s a scenic area of large hills with lakes lying in between.


People go walking the paths and trails in the hills or climb to the top of the hills for distant views.

There are watersports and sailing on the lakes or pleasure boats rides. This is a very popular tourist part of England with everything for the tourist; there are gift shops galore in the stone-built villages, pubs and tea shops, cycle hire, shops selling walking gear and a whole host of other things for walkers.

Some of the must-see towns and places in the Lake District are:







One of the best ways to see the lakes and to enjoy the many fabulous landscapes is to rent a holiday cottage in the Lake District. Once based in the Lake District you can wander around at your leisure and make the most of your break.


The weather in the Lake District

The western side of England experiences much more rain than the east. The sheer beauty of the Lake District compensates for the rain. You may be lucky during your holiday, or you may not. Take a raincoat to be prepared and go out anyway. Showers generally blow over fairly quickly and the countryside always looks newly washed and shining after it rains.

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