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Holiday Guide to England - Public Toilets and WCs


There simply aren’t enough toilets for tourists in England but it helps to know where you’re likely to find toilets.

There are the usual cafes and pubs where you can pop in and purchase a drink and use the toilet. Buildings likely to have free public toilets are:

  • Supermarkets and department stores
  • Big petrol stations such as BP or Shell
  • Government buildings such as town halls and libraries
  • Macdonalds Fast Food restaurants


Be aware that most small railway stations do not have public toilets although overland trains usually do.

There are no toilets on London Underground trains or in the stations unless they are the large stations such as Liverpool Street or St Pancras.

Popular tourist areas and towns should have free public toilets clearly signposted

Carry emergency toilet paper because even in England it is not always available.

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