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holidays in England as shopping trips for bargains
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holidays in England

Shopping Trips to England - a guide for foreigners


Compared with the Eurozone, England is incredibly cheap for shopping. There are bargains for lots of different types of goods

Clothes are especially good value and of a good quality

England imports many of its products but manages to negotiate good deals which in turn is reflected in the price to the consumer.

It really does not matter too much where you go shopping. A city will have a larger range of shops than a town although some of the large shopping centres such as Lakeside or Bluewater in Kent are located outside towns, so do your research and take a look at cheap flights or ferry ports that are convenient for you and organise a shopping holiday to England.

The combination of bargains, cheap accommodation, cheap places to eat and great countryside and historic places to visit all contribute to a fantastic holiday in England.

Get together with a group of friends and book a holiday cottage in England for a really comfortable stay.


Always Discounts and Sales in England

Before you come to England to shop for bargains, take a look at discounts available online by doing a search for "Discount vouchers England", also check out the Special deals for self-catering accommodation. There are lots of bargains in January and outside the main holiday season.