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Holidays in England, don't let parking problems ruin your holiday
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holidays in England

Useful Information driving in England for foreign tourists

The British drive on the left side of the road. If you hire a car in England, the gear stick will be on the left.


The roads are categorised as either M for Motorway, A for a good main road, perhaps dual carriageway, B for a lower grade – single lane.


  • Signs on Motorways are in blue
  • Regional signs are in green
  • Local signs are in Black and white
  • Tourist Attractions and events are in Brown


Speed limits in England are in 2010:


  • Motorways and dual carriageways : 70 mph or 112 kmph
  • Single track outside residential areas: 60 mph or 96 kmph
  • Built-up residential areas are 30 mph or 48kmph

England has one of the most highly monitored road networks in the world with cameras on all motorways and on many minor roads.


Cameras and penalties

  • The dark blue cameras on motorways record average speed between 2 points.
  • Yellow coloured cameras measure speed over the distance of white lines painted on the road.
  • If you break the speed limit, a fine is sent to your home address. Tourists from abroad currently evade this problem.


Parking can be a horrendous experience if you are not prepared. Research the car parks where you might want to park before visiting English cities and towns. Parking fines are extortionate and cars may be clamped in certain areas for either exceeding the time on your parking ticket or for parking outside the white lines. Always check the parking rules or you could have an experience that ruins your holiday.


Some good cheap places to park are supermarkets which offer free parking for up to 2 hours, or longer if you purchase goods.


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