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A wet day in Brighton need not be a washout if you come prepared
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holidays in England

Weather forecast for England

Many people from abroad are under the illusion that it always rains in England. Certain counties on the east side of England, such as Essex, are drier than Lebanon.

  • Weather forecast for England

The west of England is generally wetter than the east. Some people appreciate English weather, especially if they hail from a hot arid country. England's weather can be most refreshing.

The winter months of November to January tend to be downcast and grey. Snowdrops are the first spring flowers to emerge at the end of January, closely followed by crocus in February, then daffodils in March and tulips. Did you know that daffodils grow wild in the English Lake District in the north west of England?

The spring months can be a little unpredictable and showery. It usually snows on the daffodils at some point in March, but not for long. May tends to be a lovely month, a time when trees are covered in blossom and English villages look their best.

Summer brings warm and sunny weather, good days for picnics, lazing in parks or on the beach.

September can sometimes surprise us with an "Indian Summer". Temperatures, especially in the south of England, can be most comfortable, even T-shirt weather.

In October, the leaves on the trees begin to change colour. England has some superb arboretums and parks where visitors can enjoy autumnal displays and rare trees from around the world.

December ushers in the run-up to Christmas with decorated shops, Christmas lights in the streets and a festive atmosphere. Christmas markets are held in various cities. Many smaller towns host Victorian Evenings when shopkeepers dress up in Victorian costumes, carol singers and traditional Pantomimes create a real English festive spirit.

The changing seasons are reflected in our menus. Take a look at the tempting food on offer during the various months of the year.

Events to include in your holiday all year round

You may have some idea about the area of England that you would like to visit and a list of places to see but perhaps there may be another region of England that you would enjoy exploring. Each part of England has its own character, scenery and regional foods and accents. Take a look at our quick guide to the regions of England to help you consider where you would really like to go in England.

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