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holidays in England and the West Country
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holidays in England

Holiday Cottages in the West Country - England

The southern section of England to the west of the City of Bath is known as the West Country and is England’s most popular location for family summer holidays.

The beaches of the counties in the West Country; Cornwall, Devon and Somerset all draw families for beach holidays and English country cottage breaks. The climate is mild and the whole area is geared towards tourism.

Find out more about self-catering holiday cottages in the West Country, England for comfortable good quality accommodation.


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The weather in south west England

The south west of England is warmer than much of the rest of England because of the Gulf Stream carrying warm currents.

The Isles of Scilly in the south west are well-known for a milder climate and early spring. All counties making up the West Country; Cornwall, Devon and Somerset enjoy balmier weather than other counties in England. Devon is another popular holiday destination in England because of the weather, its beaches and pleasant green countryside.


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