Holidays in England

Go walking in the Yorkshire Dales north England for great views
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holidays in England

Where to holiday in England

North West England

England's Lake District is in the north west of England. Much of this part of England is a National Park with a hilly landscape with large lakes and plenty of paths and trails for walkers and bikers. The Lake District National Park is popular with British people. There are plenty of places to stay, a wide selection of cafes, pubs and restaurants.

North East of England

A scenic part of England is the border of Scotland in Northumberland. The Romans built a wall dividing the two countries, called Hadrian's Wall which can still be seen. The landscape is wild and rugged, a place where many battles were fought. Castles and ruins still stand guard. The towns and villages were traditionally built of stone. Old fishing villages lie on the coast. In the centre is the Northumberland National Park.

A little further south are the cities of Newcastle and Durham, both known for their friendliness and the warmth of the local people.


The largest county in England, Yorkshire is divided into South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire encompasses the national parks of The Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors. Both are great outdoor wildernesses of natural beauty.

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Facts about Yorkshire

  • Yorkshire puddings which are traditionally eaten with Roast Beef originated in Yorkshire in the north of England.
  • The people of Yorkshire are know for their honest speaking from the heart
  • Yorkshire was England's largest county and is has been subdivided into north, south, east and west.
  • There are 2 national parks in Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors and Coast

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